We've got the tools!

You bring the imagination!


Steel Fabrication Capability’s

• CNC Milling
• CNC Plasma Cutting
• CNC Oxy-Acetylene Cutting
• Lathe
• Manual Milling
• Welding (ARC,MIG,TIG)
• Pipe Bending
Wood Working Capability’s
(Just to name a few)

• CNC Milling
• Planer
• Routing
• Burning
• Jointing
• Inlays
Technical & Designing Services

• 3d Cad / Cam capability.
• CGI capability.
• Can handle and convert most any CAD file type and supply same.
• B.O.M capability. (bill of material)
• Cost analyses.
• Producing operations and parts manuals for products.
• Able to receive any Image File Type and supply same.
• Mechanical Design
• Hydraulic & Pneumatic Design
• Electronic over Hydraulic / Pneumatic Design.
Our services don’t just end there! We also complete all types of repairs either in shop or in the field.
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